Send To Operation Between SharePoint and OneDrive Library

In this article we can explore how to use the Send To option between a SharePoint library and OneDrive library.

What is Send To?

The Send To option enables easier copying of files among various document locations.


What are the Steps involved?

The following are the major steps involved in configuring Send To locations:

  1. Extract the target Document Library URL excluding the special characters and page names
  2. Configure the URL in Document Library > Advanced Settings
  3. Add the target URL to the trusted sites in your browser, if the source and target are different sites


Please follow the steps below to do the same. I am using SharePoint 2013 Online version for the demonstration as the same should work in On-Premise too.

Step 1: Create source document

Open your source SharePoint site and create a document as shown below.


Step 2: Construct Target URL

Open your Target location. In this case it is OneDrive.


Construct the Target URL using the Document Library name. In my case the target raw URL is:


I modified it to the following:

https://yourname/personal /Documents

Ensure the URL is working when you copy & paste it in the browser.

Step 3: Configure the URL

Come back to the source library > library settings > advanced settings. Scroll down and you can find the Custom Send To Destination section as shown below.

Destination section

Enter a Destination name and enter the Target URL in the URL TextBox.

URL textbox

Click Ok to save the changes.

Step 4: Add to Trusted file location

Open your browser settings and add the Target URL to the Trusted file location:

Trusted file location

Step 5: Perform Copy

Now you are ready to try the Send To option. Open your source library, check the file and choose File -> Send To option. Choose the configured location from the drop down.

configured location

You will get the following page.


You may wish to choose the automatic update feature. For the time being choose No.

automatic update

Click Ok to start the copying operation. You will get a dialog, Click Ok to continue. You will get the success message as shown below.


Step 6: Verify copy

You can open the target OneDrive location to see the file is being copied there.

target OneDrive location

This confirms the Send To operation.


Please note that through the Content Organization feature, more locations can be added for the copying purposes.


Specify a Send To destination for a library


In this article we have explored how to configure Send To between different SharePoint library locations. Please note the trusted sites step when working with different site collections.