SharePoint Hosted App


A SharePoint Hosted App (SHA) will have all components deployed to a SharePoint server. Optionally there can be JavaScript components running in the client side.

App Pre-Requisites

You should have the following pre-requisites done to create a SharePoint Hosted App.

App Development Pre-Requisites


Open Visual Studio 2013 in Administrator mode. Choose New Project > SharePoint > App for SharePoint 2013 as shown below.

In the next dialog choose the SharePoint-hosted app option.

You will get the following items created in the Solution Explorer.

Run the application and if the compilation was successful you will get the password prompt.

The application should look as in the following.

Examining the Content

The Page default.aspx is the main page.

The page displays a Hello message with the current user name. The current user name is displayed using a JavaScript that you can find in the App.js.


You should use a non-System account for developing apps.


Overview of apps for SharePoint


In this article we saw how to create a SharePoint Hosted App.