Site Collection Health Check in SharePoint

Site Collection Health Checks is an OOB feature in SharePoint 2013. This feature enables us to identify areas that can be a trouble during upgrades.

Site Settings

Open your site and you can access this option from the Site Settings page.

site collection health

Click on the Site collection health checks link. You will get the following page.

site setting

Click on the Start checks button. You will get the results similar to the following.

site collection health check results

(In the preceding case my site collection had some customized master pages, hence the messages in Orange).


The following are the rules SharePoint runs against the site collection:

  1. Customized Files
  2. Conflicting Content Types
  3. Missing Galleries
  4. Missing Parent Content Types
  5. Missing Site Templates
  6. Unsupported Language Pack References
  7. Unsupported MUI References


There is a PowerShell cmdlet too that serves the same purpose.


Run site collection health checks in SharePoint 2013


In this article we have explored the Site Collect Health Check utility that is OOB. The feature is very good and saves time during pre-upgrade checks.