Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets Introduction

What is Cmdlet?
Cmdlets is a Scripting Interface and provides us command line operations in the Windows Azure Platform. Using it we can automate the day to day tasks like deployment, changing configuration etc. through the use of scripts.
Cmdlets can be downloaded from codeplex. The latest version while writing this article was 2.0. You can download Cmdlets using the following link.
After opening the link click on the Download button on the right side.

download Cmdlets
After downloading, execute the file and run the startHere.cmd file from the folder. The following Dependency Checker will be executed. The Dependency Checker ensures that the required components are available on the machine.

Cmdlets in powershell
In the above screen 2 of the components are missing. If any of the components is missing, use the Download link to install and re-run the startHere.cmd file.

Once all the dependencies are installed, the Dependency Checker will show the following result.

powershell Cmdlets
Now you can go back to the command window and enter Y to continue.

windows azure Cmdlets
On proceeding with installation the following options will be prompted.

Enter the option 1 to install PowerShell as a Snap-in.
After the installation open Windows PowerShell. You can open it from the start menu:
All Programs>Accessories>Windows PowerShell

Cmdlets location
After opening the PowerShell window enter the following command to load the Snap In.
Command: Add-PSSnapin WAPPSCmdlets

That concludes the loading of snap in to the PowerShell. Now you can enter the command to view all cmdlets in the package.
Command: Get-Command -Module WAPPSCmdlets

Cmdlets commands
The above listing of the cmdlets confirms the successful loading of package.
This concludes the article on Introduction and Installation of PowerShell Cmdlets for Windows Azure. In the next article we can explore the usage of commands to automate some of the manual tasks we perform.

In this article we have explored about Cmdlets and Installation. Cmdlets provides higher speed and flexibility in real time development scenarios. We can use manual or automated way of using Cmdlets.

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