Site Mailbox in SharePoint 2013

A Site Mailbox is a shared inbox in Exchange Online that all the members of a SharePoint Online site can access. The Site Mailbox is accessible from the site in which it is created. The email address of the site mailbox will be generated automatically from the name of the site.
A site mailbox can be used from a SharePoint team site to store and organize team email.

In this article, we will see how to set up a Site Mailbox for a publishing site.

Step 1:

  • Login into Office 365.
  • Click “Add App” and Pick “Site Mailbox”

Site Mailbox 

Step 2: Now the app is added to your SharePoint Site.

SharePoint Site

Step 3: Click on Site Mailbox to configure mail settings.

configure mail settings
Select the appropriate language

Step 4: Provide Time Zone and select the appropriate language.



Step 5: Site Mail has been set up and it will be displayed by default.
Site Mail

Publishing site

Step 6: Draft an email to your colleagues by copying the group mail box.

Draft an email

Step 7: Site Mailbox appears right next to your personal inbox as shown below.

personal inbox

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