Power BI: Map Report Giving Count Of Latitude And Longitude Instead Of Geo Coordinates

Recently while creating a map report on Power BI where I had to plot a set of latitude and longitudes on it. But I was not able get the desired result. When I put the latitude and longitude values in the place holders, it was automatically giving me the count or latitude or longitude.


My initial reaction was it was due to the datatype of the columns, so I checked it. It was latitude and longitudes as needed. After going through a couple of ways to fix this problem, this is the final solution that I found.

I created a new column named location where I concatenated latitude and longitude in a single string.

Location = 'TableName'[Latitude]&","&'TableName'[Longitude] 

And then instead of using latitude and longitude, use this new column in the location place holder. This then plotted all the geo-coordinates are required.

Here is the before after images of the map.