Linking WordPress Blog And DropBox


In this article we will create a very unique and useful web app. The important thing to note here is that we will not write a single line of code. Yeah! You read it correctly, no coding at all! What we are creating is a web app that checks our blog each fifteen minutes and if any new post is made on the blog then it will be uploaded to our DropBox folder automatically. So let's create it.

Understanding "This"

In this application "This" is our WordPress blog and all the posts that will be posted on it will fire a trigger. The trigger can be fired for each post or for a specific category. For this article i'm choosing a trigger that will be fired for each post.

Understanding "That"

In our web app "That" is our dropbox account. Whenever any trigger is fired from WordPress we will create a new file in a DropBox folder and add the post content into that file. This will serve as a backup tool for our blog.

Creating A Web App

  1. Step one is to open this URL "" and create your free account on it.
  2. Now click on "create"

  3. Click on "This".

  4. Select "Wordpress" as trigger channel.

  5. Click on "Activate" if it's not activated before.

  6. Fill in your blog address, username and password and click on done.

  7. Click on "Continue to next step".

  8. Choose "any new post" as trigger.

  9. Click on "create trigger".

  10. Now click on "That".

  11. Choose "DropBox" as your action channel.

  12. Activate it and click on "Continue to next step".

  13. Choose "create a text file" as action.

  14. Enter the path. Select File title.

  15. Customize the file Content and Click on "Create Action".

  16. Click on "Create Recipe".

  17. Done! Now you will get a screen as follows:




That's all for this article. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. In case of any doubt feel free to ask any question in comments. Thanks for reading.