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  • Keywords In SEO And Their Types

    In this article, you will learn about Keywords in SEO and their Types.
  • ASP.NET MVC 5 - Deployment On Windows IIS Server

    This article is about deployment of any ASP.NET MVC5 application on Windows machine with IIS server installed.
  • Guide - Youtube's New Enhanced Comment System For Channel Owners To Filter Comments Easily

    YouTube recently updated its comment system for channel onwers to filter comments easily on the basis of response, search value, questions, subscriber count, etc.
  • GOLEM - A New Era To Decentralized Computing

    In this article, you will learn about GOLEM - A New Era To Decentralized Computing.
  • Explore GitHub's New Acquisition - Dependabot

    In this article, let us explore GitHub's new acquisition - dependabot.
  • Client-Side vs Server-Side Programming Languages

    This article explains the difference between client-side and server-side scripting.
  • W3C And WHATWG Partnered On Single HTML And DOM Specifications

    Both have signed an MoU to work together on the development of a single version of the HTML and DOM specifications.
  • Why You Should Use Sitecore CMS

    There are many CMS tools available, each with their own pros and cons. After working with umpteen CMS tools, I recommend Sitecore CMS which is a powerful framework for enterprise solutions.
  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS-VOD)

    In this post, we are going to create a video server that can serve videos with multiple bit-rates, also known as adaptive bit-rate streaming.
  • 10 Useful Git Commands

    Today, we will go through some useful git commands you should know as a developer.
  • Overview Of HTTP/2 Protocol

    In this article, I will explain some of the key features of the new protocol HTTP/2 like browser and server compatibility and will detail the things you might need to think about as we see more adopti
  • Do You Know The Most Popular Websites In The World

    Internet is growing everyday. But do you know who are the largest contributors to the people being on internet? What are the most used websites over the internet? We will try to know about these inter
  • Enable Reading View in Microsoft Edge

    How to enable reading view in Microsoft Edge. Edge introduces several new features to make readers lives easier including a feature called Reading View. The Reading View allows readers to remove all c
  • Introduction To Net Neutrality

    This article explains what Net Neutrality is. Net Neutrality is generally construed to mean that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) must treat all internet traffic on an equal basis, no matter its type
  • Using WebRequest and WebResponse classes

    Downloading and uploading data from the web has been a very common programming practice these days.
  • Teamcity Installation For Deployment Using Bitbucket

    Install Visual Studio Community (latest version) - This ensures the latest version of .NET is installed and the build agents that Team City uses are also installed. Plus extremely useful for server-si
  • Tim Berners-Lee Announces "Solid" To Decentralize Web

    Berners-Lee has been working with researchers at MIT to develop Solid, an open-source project developed with an intention to restore power and agency on the web to individuals.
  • Chrome 70 Brings Support For Fingerprint Sensor And Shape Detection

    Google has announced the release of its newest Chrome Beta channel 'Chrome 70' with many new capabilities like Shape Detection feature and Web Authentication.
  • How To Break Backlinks In Digital Marketing

    According to the research done by direct marketing association, the digital industry to be worth US$62 billion in 2017 with growth rates significantly outperforming any other Ad type.
  • Add Trusted Sites In IE

    Trustes Sites in IE are stores in Registry Keys under Insternet Settings in Current version.
  • Web Scraping - Learn The Fundamentals In 60 Minutes

    Introduction to a free resource on web scraping - what you need to know before you get started!
  • An Overview Of API World

    In this article, you will learn about API World. API stands for Application Programming Interface. API can be a web service endpoint. a web API endpoint, or a function signature in a program.
  • Poor Man's Web Monitoring Tools

    This article shares the idea on how to utilize free tools to download log files from server, upload IIS log files into the database, display the results and compare the baseline and production files.
  • Redirecting Your Domain From HTTPS To HTTPS Using .htaccess In Cpanel

    Redirecting your domain from https to HTTP using .htaccess in cPanel.
  • Enable IIS, Web Deploy & Web Platform

    This video is about the installation of Web Deploy & Web Platform tools on IIS Server.
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