Downloading and Installing QlikView


Today you'll learn that there is a very efficient platform available for Business Intelligence and that is QlikView. QlikView makes it very easy to search and analyze the business. There are more than 24,000 organizations of worldwide uses of this to have a rich and a attractive and sleek visual user interface. It is a self-service business intelligence software that helps organizations make transformative discoveries that lead to better decisions.

System Requirements

The QlikView can run on any IBM PC compatible running Windows. QlikView takes full advantage of the computer hardware so it is better on faster processors. There are the following system requirements to install QlikView:

QlikView x86 (32 bit) x64 (64 bit)
Platform Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Server 3 Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003
Processor Pentium IV or higher Intel Pentium and Xeon processors
Memory 256 MB minimum, 512 MB of higher 1GB or higher
Storage 110 MB minimum 130 MB minimum


You can easily download the QlikView from here. Just select the Operating System and click on the Download link as in the following:

QlikView Download Page

Installation Process

In this section you will see that after the download you can install QlikView. So, just follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Just double-click on the setup icon and select the language as in the following:

Language Selection in QlikView Installation

Step 2: After reviewing the operating system, click on the Next button to continue.

Installing QlikView

Step 3: Accept the License Agreement to continue.

Accepting Licsence Aggrement of QlikView

Step 4: Enter the User Information and the organization. (You can also leave the organization option.)

User Information durin QlikView Installation

Step 5: Select the Installation type in the next wizard.

Selecting Installation Type of QlikView

Step 6: Select the destination folder to install the QlikView.

Selecting Folder to Install QlikView

Step 7: Now click on the Install button to proceed with the installation process.

Installing QlikView on PC

It will install QlikView with all its components as in the following:

Installing QlikView Components

Step 8: In the next wizard click on the Finish button to complete the installation process.

Finishing QlikView Installation

That's it. In my next articles you will see how to work with QlikView.


This article introduces the QlikView and the downloading and installation process of QlikView. QlikView is the most flexible business intelligence platform. I'll do post of my further articles on the QlikView. Thanks for reading and Stay Updated.