Getting Started With ASP.Net Web Forms in Visual Studio 2013


As you know that Microsoft revealed the final version of Visual Studio 2013 and with the release of this new version many type of new features are also released such as ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, Web API 2 etc. These project templates are used to create the web application. You can also get the overview the different Project Templates used in Visual Studio 2013.  Today, in this article you will learn the introduction of ASP.NET Web Forms in the Visual Studio 2013.

If you have some knowledge of programming concepts then you don't have to worry about to know the ASP.NET Web Forms. There are various types of features of ASP.NET Web Forms and those are given below:

  • ASP.NET Web Application Project
  • Master Pages, Web Forms
  • Entity Framework Code First Approach and LocalDB
  • OAuth Providers
  • ASP.NET Membership and Configuration


I am giving the small background introduction here of ASP.NET Web Forms. The code in the web forms runs on the server and generate the output dynamically to the browser or to the client. The page automatically renders the correct browser HTML for styles and layout etc. It is compatible with Visual C# and Visual Basic also.


I am presenting the following screenshot of ASP.NET Web Forms application project that you will create in here. The following page is the Home page of your application when you debug the application from Visual Studio 2013.

ASP.NET Web Forms Home Page

There are two types of login availability applied in this application. One is simple login which is available by default and the second one is authenticated by the external providers like as Google, Facebook etc. Following is the screenshot of external login providers.

External Login in ASP.NET Web Form

Getting Started

Now, let's create an ASP.NET Application with ASP.NET Web Forms Project Template in Visual Studio 2013. To create the application in Visual Studio 2013 there are some prerequisites given below:


  • Visual Studio 2013 RTM
  • ASP.NET and Web Tools for Visual Studio 2013

Creating Application

Step 1: Open Visual Studio 2013 and Create New Project

Visual Studio 2013 Home Page

Step 2: Select the ASP.NET Web Application and enter the name for your application

Create ASP.NET Web Application

Step 3: In the next ONE ASP.NET Wizard, select the Web Forms Project Template to create the web application

One ASP.NET wizard

Visual Studio automatically create the Web Forms application and it will take little time to open the application. When the project starts, there is a readme.html file opens as shown below:

Application Welcome Page

In your Solution Explorer, there are some folders and files available in your project as shown below:

Solution Explorer

Application Execution

Press Ctrl+F5 to execute the application. The Home page which opens in the browser uses the Bootstrap to display the layout of the application. Now your application home page is very responsive. Take a look:

ASP.NET Web Forms Home Page

Now make the browser smaller, see the change

Responsive Home Page


So far in this article will introduce the ASP.NET Web Forms in Visual studio 2013 to you. You have created a new ASP.NET Application based on the ASP.NET Web Forms Project Template by ONE ASP.NET. In my next article you will learn to create layers and user interfaces. Thanks for reading.

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