Getting Started With New Release: Entity Framework 6.1.0 Beta1


Today I am introducing you to the new release of  Entity Framework, Entity Framework 6.1.0 Beta 1. The team began working on this release beginning with the release of Entity Framework 6. This new release has various new features that are much more useful for developers.

So, let's have a look at those features.

What's New

This Entity Framework 6.1.0 is a minor update to Entity Framework 6. It includes various new features and a few bug fixes. So, just have a look at the following features.

Tooling Consolidation

Now using this feature you can create a new Entity Framework model more logically. Now when you add a new entity data model, using this feature it is now extended with the additional support of creating Code First models, including reverse engineering from an existing database. These features were previously available in Beta quality in the Entity Framework Power Tool.

Handling of Transaction commit failures

It provides the new System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.CommitFailureHandler that enables the use of the latest ability to intercept transaction operations. The new CommitFailureHandler allows automatic recovery from the connection failures whilst committing a transaction.


Now you can specify the Indexes by specifying the Index attribute on a property or we can say properties while creating the Code First Model. Code First will then create a corresponding index into the database.

Public Mapping API

Now you can access the information in the Entity Framework of how properties and types are mapped to the columns and tables in the database with the use of this feature. In the previous releases this API was internal.

Interceptor Configuration

We are now able to configure the interceptor via the Web.Config or App.Config file by allowing the interceptors to be added without recompiling the application. For example: System.Data.Entity.Infrastructure.Interception.DatabaseLogger is a new interceptor with which it is easy to log all the database operations to a file. In the previous feature, this allows you to easily switch on logging of database operations for a deployed application, without the need to recompile.

Detection of Migration Model Change

Now the detection has been improved so that scaffolded migrations are more accurate; performance of the change detection process has been greatly enhanced.

Improved Performance

It includes reduced database operations while initializing it, optimizations for null equality comparison in LINQ queries, faster view generation in more scenarios and more efficient materialization of tracked entities with multiple associations.

Getting Started

Now its time to download and install of this new release. You can install it from the Microsoft Development Center for the Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. You can also install it from the NuGet Gallery or through the Package Manager Console by entering the following command:

Install-Package EntityFramework -Pre

So, let's use the following steps to install it.

Step 1: At first install the package from the Package Manager Console, this will update the Entity Framework package and you can also see it in your Packages.Config file:

Packages Configuration File

Step 2: Now when you create the Entity Model , it may be possible that you receive the default entity model wizard as shown below:

Creating Entity Data Model

Step 3: Do not worry! Just download it from the Microsoft Development Center and install it. While installing you'll find the first step:

EF 6.1 Beta 1 Installation

Note: Just save the application you are creating and close the Visual Studio IDE.

Now while processing the installation, it will validate the install and configure the new features.

Validating and Installing Features of EF 6.1

After a few minutes, the installation complete and click on "Finish".

Cmpleting EF 6.1 Beta Installation

Step 4: Now when you create the new Entity Model , you'll find the new features to create the entity model:

Updgraded Entity Data Model Wizard

That's it for now.


This article described the new Entity Framework 6.1.0 Beta 1 that has been released. You can also get it and learn about its various new features. Thanks for reading and Stay Updated.


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