Introducing New Features in Visual Studio 2013: Part 1


This article introduces new features launched in Visual Studio 2013 by Microsoft. Microsoft last week launched the latest Visual Studio 2013, in which there are many new features and a few of them are:

  • .NET Framework 4.5.1
  • Java Script
  • Edit & Continue in Debugging
  • HTML Editing Features
  • New IDE Experience
  • Code Features

.NET Framework 4.5.1

With the launch of Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft also launches the new framework .NET Framework 4.5.1. In this framework if any application is developed with it then the developer can add binding redirects to the App Configuration file if the application is referenced by multiple versions of the same assembly.




In Visual Studio 2013, new features are announced in JavaScript. The following are the new features in JavaScript:

  1. Block-Scoped Variables: let and const are the two new keywords that are used to declare variables for which the scope is limited to the block in which they are declared. In the let keyword the values are used later in the script and in the const keyword the value of that variable cannot be changed.

    let keyword:


    const keyword:

  2. Container Objects: Now you can create a unique collection of objects by set object, in which any type of value is stored.


Edit & Continue in Debugging

Visual Studio 2013 improves managed applications that includes a return value in the debugger and Edit and Continue improvement for 64-bit applications. Now you will see the return value of the method in the locals window, in other words when you are debugging managed code.

HTML Editing Features

Now in Visual Studio 2013, there are two sets of HTML settings. In "Options" >"Text-Editor" there are two settings present for HTML. "HTML (Razor) for the modern editor" and HTML is for Web Forms and applications.


New IDE Experience

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Preview includes the following new experiences:

  • Now the new IDE uses your Microsoft account to connect with your profile and depending on your credentials Visual Studio applies your license and synchronizes your settings.

  • Now you can choose the theme of your IDE (Blue, Dark, Black).

  • The Quick Launch Window sends alerts of your connected IDE experience.


Code Features

There are the following new code features in Visual Studio 2013:

  1. View Definitions: In Visual Studio 2013 now you can view the definition of the code in a pop-up window without switching away from your code. Go To Definition is similar to the View Definition but the only difference is that View Definition opens in a pop-up window and Go To Definition opens in a separate window.

    View-Definition-in -VisualStudio-2013.jpg
  2. Enhanced Scroll-Bar Facility: Sometimes the code is too long in the application and the developer cannot remember the entire code. Now you can customize the scroll bar of the code window to view all your code.



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