Introducing New Release Candidate Update For Visual Studio 2013


The Microsoft ASP.NET Team revealed an update for Visual Studio 2013 in the Release Candidate Update for the Visual Studio 2013.2. The CTP2 of Visual Studio 2013 Update had been released in the previous month and I've also posted an article about it.

In the same context, I am describing all the features and tools released with the new RC update of Visual Studio 2013. There are some new features added to this release, listed below:

  • JSON Intellisense for JSON schema
  • Newly updated ASP.NET Web Project dialog
  • New dialog for installing a certificate for IIS Express to prevent SSL warnings


This update requires Visual Studio 2013.


You can easily download this update for Visual Studio 2013.

The following is an explaination of all the new features.

New One ASP.NET Web Project Templates

The templates existing in One ASP.NET have some changes, listed below:

  • The new ASP.NET Project Templates now supports the Account Confirmation and Password Reset.
  • The new ASP.NET Web API now supports authentication using on Premises Organizational Accounts.

Enhanced Web Editor

The following are the various web editor improvements in this release:

  • New JSON Editor
  • New SCSS Editor
  • URL picker in HTML and CSS
  • More features added to the LESS Editor
  • Knockout Intellisense improvements in the HTML Editor.

Browser Link Dashboard

  • Improved source mapping
  • Now supports HTTPS connections and displays them on the Dashboard

Support of Windows Azure Web Sites

Now Visual Studio supports the Windows Azure Web Sites. Now you can:

  • Sign in for Azure support
  • Remote debugging for WAWS
  • View Remotely
  • Support to create the Azure Web Sites

Web Publishing

Now the website publishing is improved so that any developer can easily publish.

ASP.NET Scaffolding

  • Support for Enum. Now the scaffolding will generate the EnumDropDownList for Enum in Model
  • New MVC 5.1 and Web API packages installed

NuGet 2.8 Version

The total 2.8 RTM version of NuGet is now available.

Improved ASP.NET Web Forms

  • The new ASP.NET Web Forms now accesses Account Confirmation and Password Reset for the ASP.NET Identity
  • New features of Entity Framework 6: Entity Framework Data Source and Dynamic Data Provider


New features were released in this new ASP.NET MVC 5.1. They are:

  • New Attribute Routing
  • Bootstrap Support for editor templates
  • Enum Support in View
  • Unobtrusive validation for MinLength and MaxLength attributes


  • Global error handling
  • Improved Attribute Routing
  • Support if IgnoreRoute
  • BSON media formatters
  • async filter support

Entity Framework 6.1

  • Tooling Consolidation: Ability to choose to create a code first model and so on.

    Updgraded Entity Data Model Wizard
  • IndexAttribute: Used as an attribute on a property in the model.
  • Public mapping API: Access the EF information of how properties are mapped to columns and tables.
  • DatabaseLogger: It is a new interceptor with which we can easily log all database operations on a file.
  • Migrations are now accurate when scaffolding.

ASP.NET Identity 2.0.0- Beta 1

  • Two-Factor Authentication:  It provides an extra layer of security. See this.
  • Account Confirmation
  • Password Reset
  • Security Token Provider
  • Indexing on UserName
  • Password Validator
  • DbContextFactory Middleware


Many bug fixes are in this release.

OWIN Components

Many bug fixes are in Microsoft OWIN Components in this release.


This articles provided notes on the release of the Release Candidate Update 2 for the Visual Studio 2013. You can get this update of using the features defined above. Thanks for reading and Stay Updated.

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