New Features in Visual Studio 2012

In this article I am introducing a few of the new efficiency features in Visual Studio 2012.


Microsoft has released new efficiency features in Visual Studio 2012. These features are very useful and efficient for the development of various apps. A few of those efficiency features are listed below:

  • JavaScript Features

  • Visual Basic Features

  • Visual C++ Features

  • Visual C# Features

JavaScript Features

  • Improved IntelliSense

    You can now code even faster using improved IntelliSense. IntelliSense information is present for the new elements supported in triple slash(///) comments. There are new elements included in JavaScript named <var> and <signature> for XML documentation. One more improvement is that when your cursor goes to the comment tags, it extends and shows the existing statements.

  • Presence of Go To Definition

    In a JavaScript file of Visual Studio 2012, you can use Go To Definition to locate the function and see the definition. You can select the function and right-click or simply press the F12 Key.

  • Breakpoint

    When multiple statements are include in a single line, now you can set a breakpoint to break on a single statement.
  • Use of ECMAScript5 and HTML5 DOM

Visual Basic Features

  • Caller Information

    Now, you can obtain the source code file path, source code line and member name of the caller to a method using the this Caller Information feature.

  • Simplicity of For Each loop

    In a For Each loop now you can use iterators to return each item in a collection one at a time.

  • Better Understanding of Code

    Using the Call Hierarchy feature now you can view all calls to and from a select method, property and constructor. Simply select the method, right-click and click "View Call Hierarchy" or press Ctrl + K + T.


Visual C++ Features

  • Use of C++11 Standards

    In Visual Studio 2012, you can take advantage of the C++11 language standard's new powerful features, like range-based for loops, standard threads and so on.
  • Windows Store apps and Games

    The developer now can use Visual C++ using XAML to develop the apps of Windows Store and games.
  • Improved Compiler

    The improvement to the compiler helps you to code quickly to compile or execute apps on a single or multiple processors.
  • Robustness of Code

    Using the new features like unit test framework, architecture explorer or code coverage you can make your code robust.
  • Use of multiple CPUs

    The new feature named Parallel Patterns Library (PPL) help you to enable your application to run faster in which many cores exist.

Visual C# Features

  • Intuitive Use of asynchronous code

    The developer can call the asynchronous methods and no need to define continuations or to spilt your code across multiple methods using the Asynchronous Feature.
  • Caller Information

    Now, you can obtain the source code file path, source code line and member name of the caller to a method using the This Caller Information feature.



I have introduced many new features that are more efficient for the development of various applications. I'll continue writing about new features in Visual Studio 2012 because I don't know what extras I'll find from the treasures of Visual Studio.