Browsing IE10 in Windows 8 Release Preview


In Windows 8 there are so many apps and one of them is Internet Explorer. It is provided by Microsoft in Windows 8. IE10 is a faster browser engine compared to others. This browsing engine provides strong security and supports HTML5 and some other web controls.

To use the IE10 in windows you need to follow some step

  1. Select IE10. To access the internet, in the following figure a RED Box shows where to select the icon on the Windows 8 Desktop. Click on this icon. This icon denotes IE10.
  2. After clicking on the icon, a window will appear; it is your browser. In IE10 there are many tags to be used in it; we explain them one by one in the following.
  3. In the following, the browser Address bar is present and denoted by a Green color; here we type the URL of the website. And the Red color tag is the "The previous button".
  4. Continuation of step (3): In the following showing the browser, other tags are also present:
    • With the Green, Color is for Refresh. The Red color is Pin To start (for bookmarking).
    • The Blue color is for the Page Tool. Again there are two options present:
      • Find on Page (to find the text on a page).
      • View on Desktop.
    • With the Yellow Color is for next.
  5. When you move to the page then the address bar will disappear; then the "previous" and "next" buttons will appear for use at the left and right side of the page.
  6. When you go to the address bar and click in it then this view appears:
    • In Red color are the recently used websites called "Frequent".
    • In Green Color Pinned; that is, to show bookmark.
  7. Here when we type the address in the Address bar then suggestions are shown as "Result of".
  8. When we right-click the mouse at the upper side of the browser then it shows "How many tabs are opened?". In the corner, two options are there:
    • One is with a plus symbol for the "New tab".
    • The second is the Tab tool (for InPrivate tab).


Through this article, we provide the knowledge of how we use the IE10 in the Windows 8 Release Preview.