Calendar Overlay in SharePoint 2010 OOTB


Today, in this article let's play around with one of the interesting and most useful concepts in SharePoint 2010.

Question: What is calendar overlay? 

In simple terms "It enables the display of items from one or more calendars as a single calendar view".

Step 1: Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration and navigate to a specific site.

Step 2: Create a new
employee calendar, as in:



Step 3: Create a new trainings calendar, as in:



 Step 4: Add new event to the training calendar, as in:



Step 5: Add a new event to the employee calendar, as in:



Step 6: Using the calendar overlay option from ribbon in training calendar, as in:



Step 7: The data entering details for the calendar overlay output of the application looks like this:



Step 8: The calendar overlay added output looks like this:



Step 9: The output of the trainings calendar with calendar overlay enabled output of the application looks like this:



I hope this article is useful for you.

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