Windows 10 Tweaks


Microsoft Windows 10 is a new and out of the box chapter in the story of Operating systems. It introduces a whole new way the operating system resides and works. Firstly, this chapter was initiated in the Microsoft Operating system version 8.1, but in windows 10 it is implemented fully and truly.
We all know that the new era is an era of electronic devices that works very closely with the human being and works as an assistant, doctor, consultant and we can assign many roles to the new generation devices. It is very essential to have one operating system for all devices so that consumers can operate the different families of devices with common data and data between the devices can be shared across.
Microsoft introduced Windows 10 that is common for different device families and shares the information between the devices as well as with Microsoft. Now the issue arises with the privacy and the security in windows 10 operating system. As a new customer or a new user of the Microsoft smart windows 10 operating system, we must know some of the basic settings that need to be done that are essential for your privacy.

Change privacy settings in Windows 10

Applies to Windows 10
  • Choose how much information you want to share with Microsoft by changing your privacy settings.
  • On the Start menu, select Settings, then Privacy.
  • You'll see a list of general privacy options. There are links to specific privacy settings on the left of the page.
Now, some important settings you must check after installing Windows 10 in your device step by step.
Step 1
Go to settings that look like the following image.

Activate (or deactivate) Cortana

This is not an essential feature and it slowdowns the PC.

Check your default app associations


Schedule restarts

You don’t necessarily want your PC rebooting unexpectedly. Search for “advanced update” from the taskbar, choose Advanced Windows Update options and then change the top setting to Notify to schedule restart.

Stop sharing your wifi

Search for “wi-fi settings” on the taskbar, choose Change Wi-Fi settings, then click Manage Wi-Fi settings.

Tweak notifications

Settings, System, Notifications & actions and you can customize how alerts appear.
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In this article, we learned about Windows 10 Tweaks. 

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