Add Custom Web Part to Site Pages in SharePoint 2013

Step 1

Login to the SharePoint 2013 site as an administrator (System Account).

Step 2

Click the settings menu near User account (System Account) and the following menu will appear. In that item details click the Site Contents.

Site Contents

Step 3

Click Site Pages.

Click Site Pages

Step 4

Create a Web Part Page.

Web Part Page

Create One Web Part

Step 5

Click Add Web Part.

Add Web Part

Step 6

Click Add Web Part then select Custom from the Categories menu item then choose your custom web part then click Add.

Click Add

Step 7

Click the Stop editing menu to save the changes.

Stop editing

Finally the custom web part was added to the site page.

Finally custom web par


In this article we explored how to add a custom web part to SharePoint site pages.