Create a Custom List using Visual Studio 2013 in SharePoint 2013

Step 1

Open Visual Studio 2013 with Run as administrator.

Start Visual Studio 2013.

Visual Studio 2013

Step 2

Click the File menu item in the top navigation. 

Go to File, New and then select Project.

The following screen will appear, here click Office/SharePoint templates, then click Click SharePoint2013-Empty Project.

sharepoint empty project

Step 3

Enter the name of the solution and click the Ok button.

click Ok button

Step 4

Once clicking the Ok button, the following window will appear. Enter your SharePoint site URL and click the Validate button. Then check the Deploy as a Farm solution checkbox.

Deploy as a farm solution

farm solution checkbox

Step 5

Click OK and click the Finish button.

my first web

Step 6

Right-click on the solution then click select New Item.

add new item

Step 7

The following screen will appear.

visual web part

Step 8

Select the List Option and enter the name of the List and then click the Add button.


Step 9

Select your list template and click Finish. Here I have selected Default (Custom List).

choose list setting

Step 10

The following screen will appear.


Step 11

Enter the name of the column under Column Display Name and select Type. If you need it to be a required column then select the Required Checkbox.

Column Display Name

Step 12

Save, build and deploy your solution.


deploy your solution

Go to your SharePoint Site.

SharePoint Site

Your list will show like the following.

my list


In this article we explored how to create a custom list using Visual Studio 2013.