Create a Farm Solution Using Visual Studio 2013 in SharePoint 2013

This article explains how to create a Farm solution using Visual Studio 2013.

Step 1

Open Visual Studio 2013 with Run as administrator.

Start Visual Studio 2013.

Visual Studio 2013

Step 2

Click "File" -> "New" -> "Project...".

The New Project window will appear. Now click the Office/SharePoint templates and then select SharePoint 2013 - Empty Project.

Click Sharepoint2013

Step 3

Enter the name of the solution and click the Ok button.

click ok

Step 4

Once clicking the Ok button, the following popup will appear. Enter your SharePoint site URL and click the Validate button. Once Validate, check the Deploy as a Farm solution checkbox.

Enter your SharePoint site URL


Step 5

Click OK and click the Finish button.

click Finish button

Step 6

Right-click the project in the solution then click Add and click on New Item.

add new item

Step 7

The following screen will appear.

web form

Step 8

Select Visual Web Part (Farm Solution only) and enter the name of the Web Part and then click the Add button.

Visual Web Part

Step 9

Your new web part has been added to the solution as can be seen in the Solution Explorer.

new web part added in solution explorer

Step 10

Open your .ascx page (MyFirstWebPartUserControl.ascx) and create your design. Here I have added a label.

ascx page

Step 11

Build your solution.


Step 12

Deploy your solution.

Deploy your solution

Finally the Farm solution is created and deployed to the SharePoint site.



In this article we explored how to create a Farm solution using Visual Studio 2013.