Create A SharePoint 2013 App Using Visual Studio 2013 And Deploy Office 365 Site

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to Start, then All Programs and click Visual studio 2013.

Visual studio 2013

Step 2: Click File, then New and add Project.

New project

Step 3: Click Apps under Office/SharePoint and select App for SharePoint 2013. Enter the name of the app and click OK.

select App for SharePoint 2013

Step 4: Enter SharePoint office 365 site URL and select SharePoint-hosted and click Finish.

SharePoint office 365 site URL

Step 5: The following screen will appear.


Here I have changed the message in div tag.

changed the message

Step 6: Open Solution Explorer.

Open your solution explorer

Step 7: Right click the solution, then Build and Deploy the App.

deploy the App

Step 8: Go to your SharePoint Office 365 site.

SharePoint office 365 site

Go to Site Contents and you can see your App here:

Go to Site Contents

Click the App, then your app will be like the following screenshot:

page title


In this article we saw how to create a SharePoint app using Visual Studio 2013 and deploy Microsoft SharePoint Office 365 site.