Link ListBox With DataBase in Windows Forms

Here I will explain how to connect a ListBox with a database. It is the same as linking a combo box with a database.

Step 1: Form

Drag and drop a List Box from the Toolbox.

Dragging  a ListBox

Step 2: Code

Now make a function for filling the list box from the database and call this method in the constructor.
ListBox Code

void fillListBox()


    string str = "server = MUNESH\\SQL2008R2;Database=datastore;UID=sa;Password=123;";

    SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(str);

    string query = "select * from tablename";

    SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand( query,con);

    SqlDataReader dbr;




        dbr = cmd.ExecuteReader();



            string sname = (string) myreader["name"];; //name is coming from database




    catch(Exception es)





public Form2()





Step 3: Run

Now run your application.

Adding String on Form

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