Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Application Design Book

Recently our second book on Dynamics CRM 2015 released. This is a practical guide to learn CRM 2015, If you are new to Microsoft CRM Development or want to explore CRM 2015 new features, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Application Design will help you.

This book have the following 8 Chapters, which starts from basic topics and moves to advance topics step by step. Get more details about the contents here, you will learn developing real time applications using CRM as an xRM platform.
  1. Getting started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

    This chapter will provide you an introduction to Dynamics CRM 2015. It will provide you details about different deployment options with software and hardware details. You will learn about CRM 2015 clients. And if you are already using CRM earlier versions, it will also help you to understand upgrade paths.

  2. Customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

    In this chapter you will start learning basic customization concepts, with the help of a sample training solution application. You will also learn about CRM 2015 out of the box features like product related entities and their uses.

  3. Client-side logic with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

    You will learn about client script basics in this chapter and the details about how to use web resources, business rules, writing form scripts, and common scripting methods. You will also learn to consume CRM web services using client side code.

  4. Working with processes

    This chapter will help you to learn how to implement automation in CRM 2015, you will learn about different processes types available and difference between them. This chapter will help you to build a sample application using out of the box processes.

  5. Working with CRM SDK

    If you are a developer or technical consultant you will find this chapter very useful to learn about CRM extendibility architecture, CRM APIs, CRM web services. You will learn about different methods available in CRM web services to work with CRM data and metadata. You will also learn about top CRM 2015 update 1 features for developers.

  6. Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

    This chapter will help you to learn extendibility feature of CRM 2015, you will also learn all the details of plug-in, custom workflow and action development from basic to advance.

  7. Creating a Project tracking application

    This chapter is completely dedicated to building a project tracing application using CRM 2015 capabilities. You will learn how we can use CRM out of the box features to build xRM application.

  8. Introduction to mobile client and Microsoft dynamics marketing

    In last chapter you will learn different mobile clients and their features. This chapter also include introduction to Dynamics Marketing and it’s features.

You can get more details on the contents and can download sample chapter from here.