What is OOB Feature in Dynamic CRM 2015

This a common question that we used to encounter during CRM training sessions while explaining what the Out-Of-the-Box (OOB) features in Dynamics CRM are. So we thought of writing a quick article about it. If you try to search definition "out of box feature" in Wikipedia you will get the following answer.

An Out-Of-the-Box feature or functionality, particularly in software, is a feature or functionality of a product that works immediately after installation without any configuration or modification.

Every software provides some set of feature without any configuration and in the similar way Dynamics CRM provides you rich set of OOB features available without any customization and configuration, you can access these features as soon as you set up your CRM on premise deployment or online account.

The following are the high-level Out-Of-the-Box features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015:

  • Multiple deployment options (online, on premise and hosted
  • Multiple client supports (web, outlook and mobile/tablet)
  • Rich product develops platform capabilities (XRM)
  • Packaging, versioning and Deployment support for your customization and extension
  • Business entities to handle sales, marketing and service process.
  • Capturing interaction with clients using activities (email, phone call and custom)
  • User and Security management
  • Business automation tools (workflow, dialogs, action, business process flow)
  • Rich data management support (import/export, duplicate check and bulk delete)
  • Integration support (Web service and SDK APIs)
  • Reporting features (multiple reports available for all modules)
  • Rich BI support (Dashboard and Charts)
  • Integration with Outlook, Share Point, Yammer, Exchange, Social media, Lync and Skype
  • Highly extendable

The other question that comes right after this is, What do we need to set up for our infrastructure and install a CRM server? The simplest answer is we don't really need to install CRM to enjoy these OOB features, you can simply set up an online 30 days online trial that will set up a trial Microsoft CRM 2015 online organization. But if you want to setup your own CRM server, you can download Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Implementation Guide, that will help you with a complete step-by-step instruction to setup your own on-premise server.

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