How To Use an AppLocker App in Windows 8


The Windows Applocker is an attractive and very optimized feature of Windows 8. The Windows Applocker was already introduced in Windows 7 but includes some new features in Windows 8. For security purposes, if an administrator wants to block or allow certain users or user groups from installing or using certain applications then that can be done using the Windows Applocker in Windows 8. These files may be executable files, DLL files, scripts, Windows Installer files, Packaged apps, and Packaged app installers, etc.
In this article, we will learn how AppLocker helps administrators control specified users or user groups from installing or using specified applications.

How To Use Windows 8 Applocker in Windows 8?

Step 1
First of all, we have to go to the Start Screen window of Windows 8.
Step 2
Then move the cursor on the bottom-right of the window screen and click the "search-box" which is helpful to search in Windows 8.
search-apps-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 3
Then in the search box type "secpol.msc" and click on Apps from the right sidebar then click "secpol.msc" in the main window.
search-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 4
Then you will see a new window named "Local Security Policy" editor.
Local-secuirity-policy-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 5
Then follow the path as in the following-
Security Settings > Application Control Policies > AppLocker
setting-in-Local-secuirity-policy-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 6
When we click on "Create New Rule" then we will see the "Before You Begin" page.
create-executable-rule-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 7
Then click the "Next" button. We will see a "Permissions page".
new-create-executable-rule-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 8
On the "Permission Page" when we click the "Select" button, a new window will be opened as in the following.
select-user-and-group-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 9
Then click "Next" for the "Condition" page. Now here just select the way to create the rules based on Publishers, File Path or Has. I have selected Publishers.
condition-create-executable-rule-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 10
Click "Next" to reach the "Publisher" page. Here we can browse for and select a reference for the packaged app and set the scope for the rule.
resize-Local-secuirity-policy-in-windows 8.jpg


In this article, we learned about How To Use an AppLocker App in Windows 8.