Advanced Settings in SharePoint 2013 & Office 365

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Welcome to this article on Advanced Settings in SharePoint 2013 & Office 365, here we will be seeing all the advanced features of a Document Library.

We will see what it is as a developer and as a user, let's see what it has for us.

Advanced Settings

custom send

site assets library

automatic index

Let's see the features one by one.

  • Content Types

    Here you have an option to allow the management of content types, in other words when you enable the option, you have an option to see what columns a content type is holding and you can change their order, whetehr you want them to be aligned in the form of a list or Document Library.

    Content Types

  • Document Template

    This feature is available in Document Libraries where you can set up a template for all the new files that need to be created using a Document Library.

    Document Template

  • Opening Documents in the Browser

    It helps to specify how you want to open a document that needs some external application to open.

    1. Open in the client application: This feature, when enabled, will open all the documents using a client application.

    2. Open in the browser: This feature, when enabled, will open all the documents in a browser such as IE or Chrome.

    3. User the server default (Open in the browser): This feature, when enabled, will open all the documents in the default browser of your server such as IE or Chrome.

    Documents in the Browser

  • Custom Send To Destination

    Here you can assign a different destination to send your documents to a different location.

    Custom Send To Destination

  • Folders

    You can specify here whether the option for creating a folder should be allowed on the view of a Document Library or not.


  • Search

    This option provides you an option for the documents of your library to be shown in the search options. If you don't want them to be shown in searches then you can restrict it. By default it will be Yes.


  • Index Non-Default Views

    An option for you to allow or disallow the non-default or non-Index views to be shown in search results.

    Default Views

  • Reindex Document Library

    Here we have an option for allowing the reindex of all the content in this Document Library, hit the button.

    Reindex Document Library

  • Offline Client Availability

    This is an option for restricting users from downloading these documents to their locals and using them offline.

    Offline Client Availability

  • Site Assets Library

    As we are all know, the Site Assets library is a default library to store all pages, images and so on. Here using this option you can make this library the default library for storing as a Site Asset Library.

    Assets Library

  • Quick Edit

    An option that provides for you an edit functionality of all your items in the Document Library. It will be Yes by default in the library.

    Quick Edit

  • Dialogs

    An option that allows you to restrict the form to be open in a dialog.


  • Automatic Index Management

    This options will maintain the indexing on the library and hence will help in querying the data within the views, hence it is recommended that it should be yes because it will help to improve performance.

    Automatic Index Management
This was the “Advanced Settings” of a Document Library where we can see how Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 put our work at ease.

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