Notifications in Office 365 and SharePoint 2013

Welcome to my new article on Notifications. My colleagues wanted me to share the bell-like symbol on the right-most corner of my SharePoint site.

office 365

It is a notification icon that acts like a bell on our SharePoint site. Let's see it closely.

The Notifications are linked not only to your site but also to your Outlook. As in the example if you get a new mail or if you have a meeting, any reminders then all the notifications will populate the site.

The notifications bar does not require you to click to view items every time. It will have a notification icon over it displaying the number of notifications you have and for any notification from Outlook like an email or reminder you will have a small flash message displayed when there is a notification on from Outlook.


As we can see here, I have received a notification for a meeting invite with similar details as we receive in Outlook whereas for SharePoint notifications, you will be notified if you have been provided permissions to a new site or if you have shared permissions with other users.

This Notification icon adds a new feature to your site as our notifications bars in socials sites or even in our smart phones. It shows how SharePoint is connected to daily technology.

We'll see more new stuff in our next article. Until then, keep learning.