Yammer in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

Welcome to an article about Yammer in SharePoint. In this article we are going to see how to use Yammer along with SharePoint.

The new version of SharePoint allows connection to Yammer directly.

  • Click on the extreme left of your site, the apps bar will open.

    office 365

  • Click on Yammer and open the app.


  • Welcome to Yammer directly through your site.


Now for those people unfamiliar with Yammer, let me exlain.


Let me quote:

    "Yammer is a private social network that helps employees connect to the right people, share information and manage projects so you can go farther – faster",

    "Yammer connects you to coworkers, information and conversations. Tap into your network to quickly make decisions and get work done",

    "Regardless of the org chart, Yammer brings together people who share the same goals so that collaboration just happens – even on the go",

    "Yammer gives everyone a voice, letting you seize opportunities to go beyond your job description and share ideas to move you and your company forward."

signup for yammer

So if you are still not in Yammer, join it to experience it.

Now this collaboration between SharePoint and Yammer is so helpful for sharing your thoughts, ideas and documents through a single sharing option.

You will not have to update SharePoint and Yammer separately, thereby saving your time and effort.

To experience it , see it once. Until then, keep smiling.