Upload Your Source Code to GitHub Using GitHub Application in Windows


First of all you need to download the application . Please go through the following link to download.

Please find this article in my blog http://sibeeshpassion.com/Using-GitHub-Application-in-Windows.html

Procedure to follow

Step 1

Once you have download the application, please install and open it. Please make sure that you are logged into your GitHub account.

GitHub account

Step 2

Type the name of your repository and browse to the local path, once you have done that please click “Create Repository” .

Create Repository

Now you can see that a repository has been created in the left side.

a repository

Step 3

Now please right-click on the repository you just created and click open in the explorer.


Now the repository will be opened in your explorer.

repository will get opened

Step 4

Now copy the files you want to upload and paste them into the repository you just created.

Once you have pasted, please verify you have everything needed in that repository.

that repository

Step 5

Now please return to the application and you can see “Uncommitted changes” there as shown in the following image.

Uncommitted changes

Click on the Show button.

Step 6

Type the Summary and Description. Please note that you can unselect the unwanted files on the right side.

unwanted files

Click commit to master.

Step 7

Now click the repository under the unsynced changes.

unsynced changes

Step 8

Now click on the Publish repository.

Publish repository

Step 9

Enter the description and click publish.

click publish

Step 10

Once you have published, it will take some time depending on the file size. Then you can see a sync button in the top right corner. Click on that.

sync button

Step 11

Then click on the settings button just near to the sync button and select the view on GitHub.

view on GitHub

Now it will open in your GitHub account. Wow, that's all; we have uploaded our files.

I hope it helps. Please provide your valuable comments.

Kindest Regards

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