Clear the Clipboard Memory in Windows 10 by Shortcut


As we know, Microsoft has introduced its latest operating system, "Windows 10". This will be a milestone for Microsoft because in the Windows 10 operating system they introduced many new features that make it better, more comprehensive and more reliable compared with previous versions of the Windows Operating System. Windows 10 may be available in mid-2015 or maybe the last of 2015. I hope everyone is waiting for Windows 10 eagerly. As we know, Microsoft always believes in providing something new for users so I hope in Windows 10 users will get many new and wonderful features.
This article explains the clipboard in Windows 10 and also how to clear the clipboard memory in Windows 10. So here we create a shortcut on our desktop screen and using it we can clear the clipboard memory whenever we want to make the clipboard memory free. Before proceeding further, I will first explain the clipboard, so let's go on a journey of the clipboard.

What is the clipboard?

A clipboard is a temporary storage area. It is a virtual part of the operating system. Basically, the clipboard is used to store the data during the copy/cut/paste process from one file to another file. Whenever we copy/cut/paste a video file, a text file or some other data from one file to another file then first this data goes into the clipboard buffer memory and this data is saved there until and unless you do not overwrite the clipboard buffer memory or clear the clipboard memory manually. In the clipboard, the data is saved in the temporary form.
So here we will go to create a shortcut on the desktop and using it, clear the clipboard memory. There are some steps for this process that are shown one-by-one.
Step 1
Go the desktop windows, right-click anywhere on the screen, go the new and create the shortcut as in the following picture.
Step 2
When you click on the create the shortcut option then there is a popup window that will be shown like this:
Step 3
Now in the popup window, you see a text box so write the following line in that text box.
%windir%\System32\cmd.exe /c “echo off | clip”
Step 4
Now after typing this line into the TextBox field, you have a Next button to click on then you will have a new popup window as in the following picture. This window asks for the name of the shortcut. Here we are free to make any name as we desire. Here I make the named clipboard example. You can choose one as you desire.
Now, when you click on the Next button, you will see the shortcut on your desktop, now you can use it.
As shown above, it is the clipboard shortcut that we can use. For changing its picture, use the following procedure.
Step 1
Go the icon, right-click on it. Now, go to the last option Properties.
Step 2
Now in the properties window, go to the Shortcut tab. Here, you can see a button to Change the Icon as shown in the following screenshot.
Step 3
Now using the Browse button, you can select an icon from the following list.
I have selected the following icon.
Now we can run this shortcut whenever we need to free the clipboard memory. Just click on to make it work properly.


So, this is the overall view for creating a clipboard shortcut in Windows 10 to free the clipboard memory. Whenever you want to make it free, I hope this procedure will help you create a shortcut for clearing the clipboard memory. As I said above, the clipboard is a virtual or temporary memory in which data is saved during the copy/paste process. So, using this shortcut we can clear this data if we want to. I hope it will be beneficial for the readers.