Spartan Browser (Microsoft Edge) in Windows 10


I think everyone is now familiar with the news that Microsoft will be introducing the new Windows known as "Windows 10". There are many new features introduced in Windows 10 that are not available in the previous versions of Windows. So one of the features is "Project Spartan". In this article, we will learn about Project Spartan.

Spartan (Microsoft Edge)

Spartan is a new Web browser introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10. The Spartan browser will be available on all devices that belong to the Windows 10 family. The existing version of Internet Explorer will be replaced by the Project Spartan. Spartan is very fast, reliable and compatible with the other browser. There is also one new feature in Spartan named "Cortana". Using Cortana we can do searching faster and more reliable in an online manner. Spartan will be the default browser in all devices of the Windows 10 family.
Figure 1

Home page of Project Spartan

Spartan is the one and only browser that works in the entire Windows 10 family devices. Spartan has the ability to work with the mouse and keyboard, use a touch screen and it can work easily with the voice-controlled feature and sensors. It is a single browser compatible with all types of Windows 10 devices. It is certain that Spartan will be compatible with all existing websites that are designed for Internet Explorer. For this feature Spartan loads the IE11 engine for those web sites, when we search for those sites in Spartan. If there is any problem with any website then Internet Explorer is also available in the Spartan browser.
Now to see how the project Spartan works and also explain how it is better than the other browser.
So for the Project Spartan in Windows 10 just go to start menu, in the search box type Project Spartan.
Figure 2

Search Spartan

Now when you click on the marked icon then there is a browser opened for Project Spartan. So let's see the Spartan features.

Use of Crotona in Spartan

Crotona makes searching faster. When we search for something in our Spartan browser then there are many search results available. For example, we search for the airport in the Spartan browser and then there are many links available as in the following picture.
Figure 3

Search airport

Now here understand the use of Cortana. Just select the keyword airport from the available results and click on the ask Cortana just as in the following picture.
Figure 4

Ask Cortana

When you click on the ask Cortana then you will find the related results in the Cortana window with all the information. This information will be more useful for you and with this type of searching we find the results quickly. So here you got the output result like this.
Figure 5


In the Spartan browser, you also have the option to Open with Internet Explorer. If there is any site that you want to open using Internet Explorer then using this feature you can open it.
Figure 6

Open with Internet Explorer

There are also some other features as in the following.

Make a Web Note

In the Spartan browser we have a new option, make a Web Note. Using this option we create a Web Note and share it with our friends. It is also known as Annotations.
Figure 7

Make a web note.

Rendering Engine

The main purpose of introducing a rendering engine in the Spartan browser is to support the modern web through which we can search quickly and get reliable results.

Reading View

Reading View is another good feature of project Spartan. Using this feature we can read only that content that we want to read at any web page. Here extra things are hidden for the users. Users only have seen the text and images.

Reading List

Using this option you can save the web pages for future use. In the future, whenever you want to use these pages, you can use them.
Figure 8
Reading list

Feedback and Reporting

If any site does not work properly in the Spartan browser then using this feature you can send feedback to the Spartan team. So in the future they work on the problem.
Figure 8
Feedback and Reporting.


As we know, the Microsoft Edge/Project Spartan is not yet final. It is still in development. So I think there are many new features to be included in it for making it better and more reliable for users. I only say this is a good browser for fast searching and will provide reliable results to the users. I hope users will enjoy this. Thanks, Microsoft for introducing the best browser for the modern web world.

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