Store (Beta) In Windows 10

In this article we will learn about the Windows Store in Windows 10.

Finally the wait is over. Microsoft announced the release date of Windows 10. It is 29 July 2015. As we know the next version of Windows is known as Windows 10. The next version of Windows is a unified operating system for Phones, PCs, Tablets and other electronic gadgets. We are all very familiar with Windows Store apps. In Windows 10 Microsoft has updated their store app. In Windows 10 the store app is redesigned and is known as the store (beta). Both Android and Apple have regularly introduced many apps in their store apps. Usually we have heard the complaint from Windows users that their favorite app is not available in the Windows app store. So this article explains the Windows app store in Windows 10.

Figure 1: Windows Store

As we know, when Microsoft introduced the store first time it was available only for PCs. Because at the beginning it did not work for all screens, but now in Windows 10 it works on any type of device supported by the Windows family. So it is called now "Universal app" or "Modern app". Now in a Windows Store app you can find anything related to your choice like games, music, movies, TV shows, animation movies, news and many more. As we have seen, there are many applications related to a single thing available in the Android store, but there is also a problem with that. The user cannot find an application easily. Because when the user searches for an application there are many results found related to the application. So it is difficult to choose an appropriate application.

Now Microsoft provides the ability for the developers to publish their hosted web app at the Microsoft Windows app store. Using this feature developers can convert their hosted web site into a web application and publish it at the Windows Store app but still host them remotely in their own infrastructure. Now these applications are able to run all devices, like PCs, tablets, mobile phones, Xbox and others devices. Now I think developers are free to make an app for the Windows 10 store and host it there.

Now we will see the Windows Store app in the Windows 10.

Step 1

Go to the Start menu and click on it. When you click on it then your Start menu will be opened. Here you have the option to start a Store.

Figure 2:
Store in Windows 10

Step 2

Now click on the this store icon. When you click on this your Windows Store will be opened as in the following picture.

Figure 3: Widows Store

Now in this picture you see many options, like Apps, Games, Music, Movies and TV. So whatever you want to enjoy, you can do it from here. Here you you can explore any one of them as you desire. For example I explored Movies and TV. When I click on the link then I have got a window like this.

Figure 4: Movies in Windows Store.

Here we have options like New movies, Top-Selling movies, Featured movies and many more. In the bottom of the page we find the genres of the movies. Through which we can find our desired movie easily. Here we have various categories, like Action, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance and many more options available. So whatever you want to watch, just click on that category. Related to that category all movies will be available for you. For example, when you click on Horror then all the Horror movies will be available. Now here you have the second categorization. You can find movies by their studio.

The same as you can search for apps, games, music and other things. Here you also find the various categories and that makes searching fast.

For using all the facilities of the Windows Store first sign in with your Microsoft account in the store. Here for login with Microsoft account you have the login option. After a successful login you have Settings, Purchased, Downloads and sign-out as shown in the following picture.

Figure 5: Sign in

Here in the Settings option you have the settings related to the Windows Store. Here you can also check for the updates that are provided by Microsoft time to time.

When you click on the purchased link then in a new window you have the list of those Apps, Games and Movies that you have purchased. You have a window like this, here all of the information is available related to your purchases.

Figure 6: Purchased history

When you click on the Downloads link then it provides the information of all the apps, games and movies that have been downloaded or installed by you through the Windows Store. Here you have also have a list of those apps, games and movies that are in the downloading process.

Figure 7: Download and Install

In the Windows Store you have also the search option. In this Search box you can enter that text that you want to search. When you submit it then you find the result and then you can choose an appropriate one for you.


So this is the overall working and features of the Windows Store. I hope in Windows 10, the Windows Store will be better for the users because in it there is a new category added, Movies and TV. There is also the good news that now developers can add their published applications in the Windows Store, through which more options will be available for the users. I hope people will enjoy this features in Windows 10.