Xbox in Windows 10 For the Game Lovers


Microsoft has achieved one more milestone. The Microsoft corporation introduced Windows 10 for its users. There are many new features introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10. All the features are very cool and useful for the end-users. Here is an explanation of which one of them is for you. The name of that feature is, how we play Xbox games on a PC using Windows 10. So the first thing here to understand is what Xbox games are. Because if you do not have an idea of Xbox then you cannot easily understand this article.


Xbox is a video gaming technology, introduced by Microsoft for playing games. Using Xbox you can enjoy live video games. Here many options are available for the users, he can share the game for the friends, and the user can invite his/her friends for playing games with them. It provides a very great feeling when playing games on an Xbox. Using Xbox you can also enjoy HD movies, TV shows, Music and many more things.
So now Windows 10 users have features for playing Xbox games on their PC, games enabled. The Xbox application is now enabled in Windows 10. Here the gamer has the option to record 30 seconds of the game and send this video to friends using Xbox live so that other users can watch the recording.

Xbox with Windows 10

Now we discuss step-by-step how to Xbox with Windows 10. There is a procedure to just follow and then you can purchase or monitor your game, invite your friends to play the game, share a game or application with your friends using Xbox and Windows 10. So the procedure is described below.
Step 1
Go to the Start Menu in your Windows 10, in the Windows 10 panel you will see an option for the Xbox.
Step 2
When you have clicked on this option, the Xbox button, you will get a window showing the login button, because first you need an Xbox account or you can also use the Microsoft account for the login so you will see a window something like this.
Step 3
Now when you have clicked on the login button you will see a window to enter the user id and the password. Here you have the option to use the Xbox account or you can also use your Microsoft Account. Here I will use my Microsoft account for the login.
Step 4
After inserting the right user id and password you must go with the Xbox page. Here you have some conditions, just accept the terms and conditions and click on the OK button. For doing this you have successfully registered on the Xbox site. Now you are a member of the Xbox Community.
Step 5
Now again go the Start button of your Window 10, click on the Xbox and enter your user id and password. Now you have a pop-up window like this. This pop-up has an option to close so close this pop-up.
Step 6
Now you have successfully logged into Xbox using Windows 10. Here you have a panel with your name. In this panel you have various options, like invite a friend, add a friend, what your reputation is as a player, which games you played in the past and many more. This panel gives you all the links that are needed for any user. In this panel, you also have some tabs that do not work because Microsoft is doing work on them very quickly. So when you click on those tabs then get the message "Coming Soon".
Step 7
As I said previously if you have already played a game on the Xbox in your Windows Phone or another device and you have saved that game in the past then here you also have the information about those games you have played previously. I had played five games in the past with my Windows Phone so here I have five games in my panel. When I click on any of the games then it provides some over-all information about the game played like which stage of the game was played by me on which date and how many levels were cleared by me in that specific game.
Step 8
Here you can also see an option on your right-hand side named the Store. This store is just like a Google store. Here you can search the applications and games depending on your requirements. Here some games and applications are free of cost and some applications and games are available for a fee (cost). So it depends on you whether to purchase one or not. it is just like a market.


It is a very good feature provided by Windows 10 for its users. Now the user of Windows 10 can enjoy the Xbox facilities in Windows 10. If you want to learn more about it then please click here More info For Xbox in Windows 10. One thing to remember here is that Windows 10 is still in development, so we can provide our suggestions for making it better and more reliable for the users. You can send your feedback by the "Windows Feedback App". In my opinion including Xbox in Windows 10 is an adventuring implementation to make it more interesting. I hope this article will be useful for readers.