Create a Personal Card in Windows 8


This article explains how to create a Personal Card in Windows 8. Windows 8 provides you a Personal Card. Personal Card benefits you by identify you to the sites and other services so that you can log on to the register. When you fill in the form for registration on any website such as Gmail, you spend a lot of time entering your personal details. In that situation, a Personal Card is very useful. You can use the Personal Card for filling in the form.
If you create a personal Card then you can fill in the details in your Personal Card and you can store it on your PC. Once a Personal Card has been created, the Personal Card can assist you when you fill in the form. You can make the Personal Card with the help of the Control Panel. You can click on the Control Panel in the Metro UI in Windows 8. When the Control Panel appears, you click on Windows CardSpace and follow the steps given below.

Steps Create a Personal Card in Windows 8

Step 1
In the Windows 8 OS, you can move the cursor on the right bottom and click on the search box. In the search box, you can specify what you want.
Step 2
In the search box, you can type the name Control Panel and click on the Control Panel.
Step 3
In the Control Panel, you click the drop-down menu arrow in the category tab and select the "Large Icons".
Step 4
In the window that appears, click on Windows CardSpace.
Step 5
Click on "Add a Card".
Step 6
In this step, you can select "Create a Personal Card" and before that click on "what type of card should I add".
Step 7
In this step, you can enter your personal information and then you can choose whatever picture you want. Upon completion of entering your personal information, click on the "Save" button.


In this article, we learned about Create a Personal Card in Windows 8.