Disable Search Indexing in Windows 8


In this article, we are explaining how to disable Search Indexing in Windows 8. Windows search displays the search results from the list of index items. If you create or save, copy the file or folder, then the Windows search indexing features scan the index items.
If you want to disable it, begin by entering services.msc in the search box. After opening the Service Window, right-click on "Windows Search" and then you will see many options such as Stop, properties and you click on Properties. In the Properties, you can disable it.
If you want to check that Windows Service is running or not then you can open the Task Manager and click on the Services tab. If you want to stop the service then right-click it and select stop. Windows Task Manager will look like this.

Steps How to Disable Search Indexing in Windows 8

Step 1
You move your mouse to the bottom-right and click on the search as shown below.
Step 2
In the search box, you can type the name "Services.msc" and click on the Services.msc.
Step 3
In this step, you will see all the local services associated with various Windows Programs. The Services window will look like this.
Step 4
In this step, right-click on Windows Search and select Properties from the context menu. If you want to stop the service then you select stop.
Step 5
In this step, you will see "Windows Search Properties". In the Properties Window General Tab, open the Drop Down list under the Startup Type and click on Disabled to permanently disable the indexing services.
Step 6
The next time when you log in the PC, the Service will not be started automatically. When you open the Task Manager, you will see Windows Search status is Stopped under the Services tab.


In this article, we learned about Disable Search Indexing in Windows 8.  

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