Enabled Screen Saver in Windows 8


In this article, we are explaining how to enable a Screen Saver in Windows 8. A Screen Saver is a picture and provides your computer with a screen look. Disable the Screen Saver to help you prevent issues and interruptions of other programs. You want to enable or disable it with the help of gpedit.msc and the following steps; you can type in the search box Metro UI. If you find the search box, you click or move the cursor on the right bottom and click on the search box which shows below in the picture. If the Screen Saver is disabled, you cannot make any change of the Screen Saver. If the Screen Saver is enabled then you can make a change of the Screen Saver. A Screen Saver provides a moving picture that appears on your Computer Screen. A Screen Saver gives your Computer a smart look. If you want to open the Screen Saver Settings, you can type "Screen Saver Settings" in the search box under settings.

Turn your Screen Saver On or Off

You can move the mouse to the right-bottom and type the "Screen Saver Settings" in the search box under the Settings. The Screen Saver Settings will be opened.
  • Under the Screen Saver, select the none in the drop-down list.
  • Under the Screen Saver, if you want to turn it on then you can select one such as 3D Text, Bubbles, Photos and others in the drop-down list.

Steps to Enable or Disable Screen Saver in Windows 8

Step 1
You can move to the right-bottom and click on the search box.
Step 2
After opening the search box, you can type the gpedit.msc in the application tab and click on gpedit.msc.
Step 3
After clicking on the gpedit.msc a new window will be opened as shown below.
Step 4
In User, Configuration chooses subcategory Administrative Template and choose Control Panel and choose Personalized and then click on Personalized. In the Personalization category, you click on Enable Screen Server.

User Configuration<< Administrative Templates<< Control Panel<< Personalization

Step 5
In this step right-click on Enable Screen Saver and click on edit.
Step 6
To Enable the Screen Saver, follow the preceding up to Step 6 and click on the Enabled or Not Configured Button and then click on the apply or ok Button. After enabling you can make any change in the Screen Saver Settings.
Step 7
The enabled Screen Saver looks like as given below.


In this article, we learned about Enabled Screen Saver in Windows 8.