How to Improve Display Color of Monitor in Windows 8


In this article, we are describing how to improve the display color of your monitor in Windows 8. If you want to improve the color on your Display with the help of Calibrate Color option without the need for any other software or application. Windows 8 help you change the Appearance on your Display. In the other Operating System, you change the Display Color then needs the different software for changing Display Color. The Display Color Calibration helps you to improve Display Color by changing the Color settings.
If you change the Color settings once then you see a new screen on your Display. The common Color settings in your system display are for example Color Balance, Contrast, Brightness, and Gamma. You can improve the Display Quality in various ways such as reduce the Monitor Resolution, change the Color Scheme and turn off automatic resizing in programs. Windows selects the best display settings such as Screen Resolution, Refresh Rate, and Color.
You open the Control Panel and select the Adjust Screen Resolution under the Appearance and Personalization and click on it. A window will open; click on "Make Text and other items larger or smaller" and then click on the Calibrate Color and you can select the size you want and then click on the Next Button to Improve the Color on your display.

Steps How to Improve Display Color on Your Monitor In Windows 8

Step 1
You move the cursor on the bottom-right and select the search box and type the name you want.
Step 2
After opening the search box, you type Control Panel and click on the window that is shown.
Step 3
After opening the Control Panel, you can see many programs such as System and Security, Network and Internet, Hardware and Sound, programs and others. You click the "Adjust Screen Resolution" under the Appearance and Personalization.
Step 4
After opening the window, you can change the appearance on your system; click on "Make Text and other items larger or smaller".
Step 5
In the Display Window, you can see many options such as Adjust Screen Resolution, Calibrate Color, Change Display Settings and others. Click on "Calibrate Color" to improve the Display Color and you can choose the size you want.
Step 6
A window will be opened; read the instructions, then click the Next button.


In this article, we learned about How to Improve Display Color of Monitor in Windows 8.