Install IIS 8 on Windows 8


In this article, we are explaining how to install IIS 8 on Windows 8. IIS 8 is an Internet Information Service 8. When you deploy your website into a server then you must turn on Internet Information Service on Windows. Windows provides Internet Information Service. IIS 8 is a server. It is a set of internet-based services for servers.
It is created by Microsoft. It is the most popular web server and this server provides the services for file transfer protocol, SMTP for e-mail and HTTP for the webserver. You can type appwiz.cpl under run for installing the IIS 8. You can install the IIS on your system using the Control Panel and click on Programs and Features and follow the steps given below.

Steps How to Install IIS on Windows 8

Step 1
You move your mouse to the bottom-right and click on the search as shown below.
Step 2
In the search box, you can type the name "Control Panel" and click on the Control Panel.
Step 3
In the Control Panel, you click the drop-down menu arrow in the category tab and select the "Large Icons".
Step 4
In this step, you click on "Programs and Features".
Step 5
You move the cursor to the bottom-left corner and click on "Turn Windows Features on or Off".
Step 6
In this step, if you want to install or turn on IIS then you click on the checkbox. If you want to turn off the IIS then clear its checkbox. If you are a developer and you are going to want to expand and explore the sub-components as well then click on Web Management Tools. You click on the IIS checkboxes what you want and then click the OK button.
Step 7
In this step, you will see the progress window.
Step 8
In this step, you will see the confirmation message that IIS 8 in Windows 8 has been installed.
Step 9
After completing the installation process you will see IIS 8. You can open your browser and enter http://localhost/.


In this article, we learned about Install IIS 8 on Windows 8. 

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