Location Change of Download Folder in Windows 8


In this article, I will describe how to change the location of the Download Folder in Windows 8. Windows 8 allows you to change the Download Folder to any other drive. If your Download Folder is the C Drive and you want to change the folder to any other drive then in Windows 8 you can change it. This can be done if you download any data and problems occur with saving the data due to a lack of memory, we can solve this problem when saving important documents on the Desktop and again any saving problems occur due to a lack of space in any drive when you install the Operating System. You can remove this problem by changing the location of the Download Folder.

Windows 8 allows you to change the Download Folder when any problems occur with saving the data due to a lack of space. In this way, you can change the Download Folder from the default location to another location in any drive. The Download Folder can be moved to any drive when any problems occur. Basically, the motive to change the Download Folder is when no more space is available for downloading or saving data. First, you right-click on the Windows Explorer, choose the Desktop, and double-click on the Computer Users profile name such as New User. After Clicking on the New User, you can select the Download Folder and right-click on the Download Folder and choose the property or follow the steps. These are given below with the help of images.

Steps to change location of download folder in Windows

Step 1. In the Desktop Mode, you can right-click on the Windows Explorer folder and select the Desktop. The image is given below.


Step 2. Another way is that you can select the Desktop. In the Desktop Mode, click on Computer, choose the Desktop, and click on the Desktop.

Desktop Mode

Step 3. The Desktop shows many folders such as Libraries, Homegroup, Computer, Network, Control Panel, and other folders. In this, you can click on the Computer User profile name such as "in this User profile name is New User".

New User

Step 4. In the New, Users see many folders such as Account Pictures, Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, My Pictures, and other folders. You can choose the Downloads Folder.

Downloads Folder

Step 5. In the Downloads Folder, you can right-click on Downloads Folders and choose the Property.


Step 6. After opening the properties, you can see the General tab, Sharing tab, Security tab, and Location tab. You click on the Location tab.


Step 7. After clicking on the Location tab, you can see the download location which is shown in the figure below, and click on the Move Button.

Downloads Location

Step 8. In this, you see a new Window; you can give the new location that you want and first give the drive name and then give the folder name. In this, you can change the older Location and give the new location name where you want and then click on the Apply Button. These are shown in the figure.

Downloads Properties

Step 9. The new popup Window shows and click on the Yes button.


Step 10. In this, you can see the popup Windows and click on the Yes button. In this, you can see the old Location and new Location.


Step 11. In this, you can see the name of the new location under the Location Tab and click ok. In this, the old Location can be altered to the new Location.

Old location

Step 12. After completing all the steps, you can see the Downloads Folder in the new Location.



In this article, You learned how to change the location of the Download Folder in Windows 8.


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