Start On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 8


This article explains how to start the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 8. You can use this keyboard to enter data. If you are not able to access the physical keyboard due to some hardware reasons then this keyboard can help you. The On-Screen Keyboard makes it possible to type using the mouse or another pointing device by clicking keys on a picture of a keyboard.
This keyboard shows a visual keyboard with the standard keys. You can select any key using the mouse. You can type Control Panel in the search box under the Application and click on it. First of all, you can open the Control Panel and then click on Ease of Access Center and then follows the steps. These are given below.

Steps How to Enable On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 8

Step 1
You can move the cursor on the right-bottom and click on the search box and type in it what you want.
Step 2
In the search box, you can type the name "Control Panel" and click on the Control Panel.
Step 3
In the Control Panel, you click the drop-down menu arrow in the category tab and select the "Large Icons". 
Step 4
A window will appear. You click "Ease of Access Center".
Step 5
The "Ease of Access Center" window will be shown. You can see the common tools such as Start Magnifier, Start Narrator, Start On-Screen Keyboard. You click on the "Start On-Screen" Keyboard.
Step 6
In this step, the "On-Screen Keyboard" window will appear. You can start typing using the mouse that you want.
Step 7
In this step, I am showing the use of the On-Screen Keyboard by typing. You can open the notepad and you can write anything you want using the mouse; in the example, I wrote Arun Choudhary in the notepad.
Step 8
In this step, you click on any Button that you want. In this step, I clicked on the Windows logo Button using the mouse, then the Windows 8 UI that appears. This is shown in the figure.
Step 9
If you want to change the settings then you click on the Options Button on the On-Screen Keyboard using the mouse. The pop-up window will be shown. If you can, close or minimize the On_Screen Keyboard if not needed.


In this article, we learned about Start On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 8.