Use of Windows Defender to Protect Windows 8 PC From Viruses


This article explains how to protect Windows 8 PCs against viruses. You install antivirus software to protect your computer from viruses. The antivirus software helps to update the system from the threats. Antivirus software is not free. If you want to use a free antivirus then Microsoft provides the "Windows Defender" for scanning the Windows so it is available by default in Windows 8.
Windows Defender is also available for previous versions of Windows and is a part of Windows Vista and Windows 7, but Windows Defender in versions of Windows previous to Windows 8 is not the same thing that is available in Windows 8. The software that is called Windows Defender in Windows 8 is called "Microsoft Security Essentials" in Windows previous to Windows 8. Confusing? Very confusing; Microsoft seems to like to confuse us.
Windows Defender helps protect your system from viruses. It helps your system and keeps it up-to-date with protection. You can open the Windows Defender with the help of the Control Panel. First, you can open the Control Panel by typing the Control Panel in the Search box. After opening the Control Panel, you click on the Windows Defender and then follow the steps. These are given below.

Steps How to Use the Windows Defender in Windows 8

Step 1
In the Windows 8 OS, you can move the cursor on the right bottom and click on the search box. In the search box, you can specify what you want.
Step 2
In the search box, you can type the name Control Panel and click on the Control Panel.
Step 3
In the Control Panel, you click the drop-down menu arrow in the category tab and select the "Large Icons".
Step 4
In this step a will appear. You click on "Windows Defender".
Step 5
In this step, you can select the scan option. There are three options available. You can select what you want and click on the Scan Now button.
  • Quick scan- Check for viruses.
  • Full Scan- Checks all folders and files on your hard disk.
  • Custom Scan- Checks only files.
Step 6
In this window, the scan process is shown and displays the threats if detected.


In this article, we learned about Use of Windows Defender to Protect Windows 8 PC From Viruses.