Windows App Load Screen Animation in Visual C#

The elegant animation provided by Windows while loading an App can me be done using storyboard animation. Here I have created a miniature animation for a XAML platform. Using this code we can provide a Window App like loading a screen for a Windows Desktop application.

Here is a sample Windows app. (Not exactly a standard by Windows but the same look and feel experience). Using storyboard animation using Visual C# as code behind (we may use the same logic in XAML also to get similar animation).

The actual logic behind this animation is that there is a panel that performs two animations, in other words rotating itself and zooming with ease effects. Here with the sample, the same effect can done using two Grids as a screen that can provide a rotation and zooming effect with an Icon.

A Storyboard is a type of container timeline that provides targeting information for the timelines it contains. A Storyboard can contain any type of Timeline, including other container timelines and animations. Storyboard objects enable you to combine timelines that affect a variety of objects and properties into a single timeline tree, making it easy to organize and control complex timing behaviors.