CKEditor Professional Editor For .NET Developers

Always use a powerful editor such as CKEditor for programming and for projects and provide text space for the user to manage the sent text. Also, increase the article quality and make a good project and provide the article a special manifestation. CKEditor is one of those tools that is also free and that provides good and powerful text space for the user using it. It is simple and easy that supports most programming languages. In this article, we try to introduce this editor to .net programmer and make ready the components of that.
CKEditor supports ASP.NET and MVC ASP.NET and we can add them to the project easily with NuGet software. Open Visual Studio and right-click on the solution (the technology of your project is not important) then click on NuGet.
As in the picture, when you are searching for CKEditor you can see that it shows you various versions, and depending on your needs you should choose one of them.
Click on standard and wait for the download.
Now you can see that all of the necessary files have been downloaded and we can use them now.
sample project
This how-to add files to CKEditor and you can see how to use CKEditor in this article. You can download the DLL files and sample projects from the site too.