Getting Started With Telerik AppBuilder: Day 1


This article explains Appbuilder, what AppBuilder is and how to use it for Hybrid mobile app development. AppBulider was know as Icenium. The company name has been changed to the name AppBuilder. Telerik Appbuilder is an Integrated Cloud Environment and has two flavors for development, Windows based and browser based. We can develop our apps either in Windows or in a browser. Telerik AppBuilder provides full support to design in a browser. In this article we will see step-by-step the installation of Telerik AppBuilder for Visual Studio 2013 as well as for a browser.

Procedure for installing the Telerik AppBuilder

Step 1: 
Follow the link


After clicking the link or opening the Telerik AppBuilder website we will get some detailed views of benefits of AppBuilder. They are the following:

  • Develop using your favorite IDE
  • Build Native-like apps with Apache Cordova
  • Analyze your apps to know your users
  • See the edits and debug in real-time
  • Create beautiful cross-platform UIs
  • Deploy fully tested market-ready apps
  • Publish to the store with ease

In short we can say that Telerik AppBuilder is a tool that helps us for cross-platform mobile app development not in the Visual Studio also supports sublime text and command-line extension web clients. This tools helps us to use native Device API using only HTML, JavaScript and CSS3 with Apache Cordova. This AppBuilder was built in jQuery UI Mobile, Telerik Kendo UI Mobile and Kendo UI DataViz Project Template. After completion of coding you check your apps in any device as a simulator, Telerik AppBuilder was built in iOS mobile with versions for Android and Windows simulators. 
Step 2: 
After opening the page, click the Try Now or Pricing button and fill in the registration page. If you choose Try Now you will get a 30 Day trail.


Step 3 :
Download link


Click on the "Download" link and you will get the  Telerik AppBuilder application in your PC. This application is browser supported and you may develop your code in a browser too. If you want to install for your favorite editors then you may also install for Visual Studio, sublime text.

Step 4: 
When we open the AppBuilder application we will see the launching box.


This launching window helps to connect with the cloud for real-time app creatation.

Step 5: Application Main Screen


Step 6: Coding Screen


Step 7: Run the apps in the simulator, we can also use our mobile to test our application. 


As we see in this picture we can test our application in various platforms, like iOS, Android and Windows.


In this article we learned about the Telerik AppBuilder (Icenium) and what the advantages are for developing a Hybrid mobile App in Telerik AppBuilder. Thanks for reading article.

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