Configure IIS In Windows 10 Operating System


In my case, I am using Windows 10 Enterprise edition.
Now open the browser and just type the url http://localhost/.
On pressing Enter, it will throw page not found error.
Now I am going to search for the IIS manager.
Not found!
Open Control Panel.
Open control panel
Click Programs.
Click on Programs
Under Programs and Features, click Turn Windows features on or off.
program and features
A new popup will appear.
Just check the Internet Information Services and its related features.
Under Internet Information Services check the following folders:
  • FTP Server
  • Web Management Tools
  • World wide web services
  • Application development features
  • Common HTTP Feature
  • Health and Diagnostics
  • Performance Feature
  • Security
Then click OK to complete the installation of new features.
apply change
Click Restart now to apply changes to complete the IIS feature installation.
apply changes to complete the IIS
After a successful restart.
Now you can see the IIS webserver option on the All Programs menu.
Open the browser.
Now type url http://localhost.
Open the browser
Internet Information Services (IIS) successfully configured.


In this article, we learned about Configure IIS In Windows 10 Operating System. 

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