Configure Windows Hyper-v In Windows 8.1 Operating System

Here are the steps:

Click Start, navigate through control panel.

navigate through control panel

Click Programs

Click Programs

Under Program and features click Turn windows features on or off.

Click Turn windows features

Enable Hyper-v and click OK.

Enable hype

Now its installing hyper-v feature on windows.

installing hyper

Click Restart now to enable hyper-v feature.

Click restart

After successful restart windows features configured successfully.

Click Start, then search Hyper-V.

search Hyper

Now I am going to configure the virtual machine using Hyper-V.

Open Hyper-V Manager.

Click New, then Virtual Machine.

V Manager

Virtual Machine

On this popup click next to create a virtual machine.


Provide the name for the virtual machine.

Click Generation 1 as default and click Next.

Click Next

Provide the memory for the virtual machine “I assigned 2GB of RAM”.

Provide the memory

Click Next.

Configuring Ethernet adapter.

Select the path for creating a virtual disk and provide the size of virtual harddisk.

Select the path

Click next.

In installation option I selected “Install an operating system later”.

Install operating system later

You can also select “Install operating system from bootable CD/DVD-ROM”.

Click next to complete the configuration.


So the virtual machine configured successfully.

You can use this windows feature @ free of cost instead of VMware.