Create A Document Library In SharePoint

In this article I have explained how to create a document library in SharePoint and create a folder inside the document library and provide an item level permission for list and libraries.

Step 1: Create a document library in SharePoint 2013.

Open SharePoint site.

SharePoint site

Click on site settings and Add an app.

Add an app

Click Document library.

Click on Document library

Provide name for the document library and click Create.

document library and click create

So now the new document library created successfully.

new document library

Step 2: In the next step I will explain about how to create folders inside SharePoint library.

Open your created document library.

created document library

Click on ‘Files ’ in the top of the ribbon and click ‘New Folder’.


Provide the name for the new folder.

new folder

Click Save.

Created two folders inside the document library.

Created two folders

Upload some documents into the folders.

Click on new document.

Choose file, then choose destination folder.

Choose destination folder

Click ok.

So now the document has been uploaded successfully.

document has been uploaded successfully

Step 3: In this step how to provide the item level permission in SharePoint document libraries.

Click SHARE.

Click on share

Now it has been shared with ‘administrator’.

Now login as different user name ‘bose’, see it is not showing the folder Project A.

login as different user

You can see now Project B item shared details.