Create a Poll Webpart Using SharePoint

Create a team site in SharePoint.

Open the site.

Open the site

Create a survey webpart and add questions/answers to it.

survey webpart

Create a survey

Create a survey webpart named "Poll" then click Next then select Add Question.


The following shows adding questions and answers.

Adding Questions and Answers


If you guys need to add more questions then please click ADD NEXT QUESTION.

Click Finish.


This is the SharePoint default view of the survey webpart.

We will now have some fun in the SharePoint designer for creating a poll webpart on page view.

Open the site in SharePoint designer.

SharePoint designer

Now go to site pages then select Create a new webpart page name poll.aspx then select Edit file in Advanced Mode.

Create a new webpart

Insert a new data view into Home.aspx.


Now click here to select a data source then select Poll.

Select poll

Select Field -> Insert as new item form.