Document Conversion Service in SharePoint 2013

This service helps to convert documents into web pages. This article explains how to configure a document conversion service in SharePoint and how to use it.

Open Central Administration.

Open Central administration

Go to "System Settings" and click "Manage services on server".

Click manage services on the server

Let's start the following two services.

start this two service

Click on Document Conversions Load Balancer Service, then click Start.

Load Balancer Service

Now click on Document Conversions Launcher Service.

Select your "Load Balanced server".

Load balanced server

Click OK.

Click Ok

Now this service has been started successfully.

Click on "General Application Settings" in "Central Administration".

General application settings

Click "Configure document conversions".

Click on configure document Conversions

Now it will look like this.

Now it look

Select your web application.


Enable document conversions for this site and click Yes.

Select "Load Balanced server".

Select Load balanced server

Click Apply, then click OK to complete this configuration.

Open the site and create the Document Library.

Create document library

Upload the Word document now.

choose file

Here you can see the converted document to the webpage option.

Upload the word document

Click on it.

convert document to webpage

Set the title for the page.

Click on it

Click Create.

Set the title for the page