Installing OS On Windows Hyper-V Manager

Please follow this link to configure Hyper-V Manager on Windows Operating Systems,

Configure Hyper-V Manager.

Firstly, make a bootable CD/USB/ISO of the operating System.

Click Start, then Open Hyper-V Manager.

Open Hyper-V Manager

In Hyper-V Manager, I am already configuring the new virtual machine.

Hyper-V Manager

Right Click, then click Start.

connect window

Click Start

Click Media -> DVD Drive -> Capture the OS Mounted Drive.

OS Mounted Drive

Now the installation is starting.

Click Next and start installing Windows 10 Operating system on Hyper-V.

Windows 10 Operating system

Click Install Now.

Install Now

Enter the Valid Product key. I am installing the trial.

My self installing a trial

Click Skip, then select the operating system type.

Click skip

Click Next and then Read and accept the terms and conditions from Microsoft.

Click Next

Click Next.

Select the Partition to install the operating system.

Select the Partition

Click next.

So the installation of Windows files started.

Installing Windows


Windows is getting ready.

getting ready

Provide the Username and Password.

Provide the Username and Password

operating inside the windows

So you can now install the operating system inside the windows, instead of dual boot.